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Our Soldiers Speak:
Bringing Israel to the World.
Each semester, O.S.S. brings elite, active officers of the IDF and the Israeli National police to present substantive policy briefings at key college campuses, select professional venues and before the United States Congress.

Please visit us again for the full presenter list for the coming academic year, 2016 – 2017.

Upcoming Events, Summer, 2017

Our Soldiers Speak Summer Delegations To Israel

Israel Law & Policy Tour, 2016

In July, 2017, O.S.S. will launch our maiden Israel Through The Strategy & Policy Lens tour, tailor-made for The United States Military Academy, West Point and The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis. All of the participants are bound for careers, as officers, in the United States Armed Forces. The tour to Israel will grant them a unique, in-depth insight into the country, that will escort them throughout their military careers and beyond.

In August, 2017, elite graduate and doctoral students from around the world will join O.S.S. for the annual Israel Through The Law & Policy Lens tour of the country. Participants are selected based upon academic excellence and a demonstrable commitment to public service.

O.S.S. looks forward to hosting both delegations during the course of this summer.

Special Announcement!

Sgt. Benjamin Anthony (Res.), Founder and Director of Our Soldiers Speak, will be presenting in the U.S. in April, 2017. To schedule your presentation and for all other inquiries, please click here.

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Tour Recaps, Spring Semester, 2017

Major-General Dan Efrony (Res.), Military Advocate General of the I.D.F., 2011-2015

MG Efrony, lectured at select law schools on The Laws Of Armed Conflict In The Era Of Cyber & Autonomous Warfare. Presenting to the student community and dialoguing with renowned faculty members alike, MG Efrony expertly outlined the dilemmas and challenges attendant to this new realm of asymmetrical warfare.

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Lt. Colonel Roni Katzir (Active), Head Of The Operational Branch, International Law Dept., IDF M.A.G. Corps.

In March, 2017, Lt. Col. Katzir lectured at select venues in the U.S., including top-tier law schools and U.S. Military Academies. His subject matter: Implementing The Laws Of Armed Conflict Against non-State Actors, brought an Israeli perspective to a global discourse. 

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Major-General Eitan Dangot (Res.), Coordinator of Govt. Activities In The Territories, 2009-2014

In April, 2017, MG Dangot lectured at select graduate schools on: Toward A New Middle East. Challenges And Opportunities For Israel And Her Neighbors. MG Dangot also held strategy and policy briefings for members of the U.S. Congress and their policy advisers via our ELITE branch. O.S.S. was proud to have MG Dangot as a lecturer at our annual Regional Conference,NY, 2017, where he dialogued with Amir Tibon, Chief Washington Correspondent, Haaretz News.

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Brigadier-General Amir Avivi (Res.), Chief Auditor Of The Defense Establishment For The Minister Of Defense, 2014-2016

In a groundbreaking tour, BG Avivi spoke at select graduate schools on matters ranging from Iran and the global terror network,  to the global migration crisis, to conflict ending policies inn the context of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. He also presented to members of the United States Senate, the United States Congress and to their respective policy advisers, via our ELITE branch.  

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On April 2nd, 2017, the annual O.S.S. Regional Conference, took place in NY, featuring MG (Res.) Eitan Dangot and BG (Res.) Amir Avivi. Following their keynote presentations, the Generals dialogued with Amir Tibon, Chief Washington Correspondent, Haaretz News and Benjamin Anthony, Founder & Director, Our Soldiers Speak, respectively.

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Tour Recaps, Fall Semester, 2016

Brigadier-General Nechemia Sokal

Whether by land, air, sea or below ground; the IDF must ensure Israel’s security. As the current Chief of Staff for the IDF Technological and Logistical Branch, B.G. Sokal provided declassified briefings on the methods through which the IDF maintains constant readiness and the counter tunnel technology he oversees along the Israel-Gazan border.

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Ambassador Arthur Koll

Launching our Diplomatic Track, O.S.S. Elite generated ‘of the moment’ campus briefings featuring Ambassador Arthur Koll, former Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at select venues. Presenting a key Israeli perspective on the election of President-Elect Trump, Ambassador Koll briefed broad audiences and focus groups alike.

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Tour Recaps, Spring Semester, 2016

Major General (ret.) Noam Tibon

As the immediate past Commander of the Northern Formation of the I.D.F. and Senior Policy & Security Advisor to Our Soldiers Speak, Major-General Noam Tibon (Ret.) lectured at key policy and congressional venues about the threat posed by ISIS to the State of Israel and the global effort required to bring about their swift demise.

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Brigadier-General Shaul Gordon

Taking a further, unprecedented step, O.S.S. Legal partnered with the current Senior Legal Advisor of the Israeli National Police to convene lectures on the policies currently practiced by law enforcement officers of the State of Israel. Issues such as house demolitions, administrative detention and the rules of engagement were discussed at length at select law schools and on capitol hill.

From campus to Congress, we felt privileged to bring the view of the I.N.P. to the policy makers of today and tomorrow.

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Brigadier-General Zvika Haimovitch

Israel faces the looming threat of more than 100,000 rockets and missiles stockpiled on our borders and the I.D.F. has made strategic adjustments in the wake of the J.C.P.O.A. with Iran.

Out of that context, O.S.S. ELITE brought the current Commander of the Israel Air-Defense Forces to brief key audiences on the airborne challenges faced by Israel and the I.D.F.

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Colonel Dan Goldfus

Few individuals have the varied maritime and land-based experience of Col. Dan Goldfus, Commander of a classified brigade of the Northern Command.

He presented a rare prognostic analysis of what a future conflict with Hezbollah will require of the I.D.F., lecturing to the most elite audiences anywhere in the U.S.

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Colonel Dr. Tarif Bader

Lecturing at medical schools, law schools, the V.A. Medical Center and for the Under Secretary of Health for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Col. Dr. Bader engaged in peer to peer presentations on subjects that included emergency medicine, international medical aid, the treatment of refugees and natural and man-made disaster preparedness.

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On March 6th, 2016, Our Soldiers Speak held our Regional Conference in Manhattan, NY, featuring the Deputy Surgeon General of the IDF, Col. Dr. Tarif Bader & Commander of a classified brigade of the IDF Northern Command, Col. Dan Goldfus.

These extraordinary officers then dialogued in front of a capacity audience with Dr. David Samadi and Mr. Tony Badran respectively.

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