O.S.S. Mission

O.S.S. has three clear initiatives.

O.S.S. CAMPUS is the vehicle through which the I.D.F. and the Israeli National Police (I.N.P.) dispatch uniformed officers to campuses overseas. Throughout the global, student community, we address the pro., the anti and the undecided elements of the student and faculty audience alike. To date we have reached over 370 campuses in several continents.

O.S.S. ELITE convenes policy and strategy briefings by senior ranked members of the I.D.F. and the I.N.P. for members of the United States Congress & Senate, think-tanks and for leading seats of influence on security matters.

O.S.S. ISRAEL Believing that the State of Israel is her own best ambassador, the Israel Through The Law & Policy Lens tour of the country takes place on an annual basis. This academically rigorous program brings select graduate students likely to pursue careers in public service to Israel, from around the world. A rich, cultural immersion into Israeli life constitutes an integral aspect of the program. A series of follow-up opportunities offered to graduates of the tour ensures an ongoing appreciation of the State of Israel and her place among the nations. 

Below are photographs from recent presentations. Click the photos for larger versions.