Our Soldiers Speak dispatches three tracks of expert lecturers for presentations overseas. 

Our uniformed track dispatches expert lecturers, currently active in the areas of national security and defense policy. 

Our specialist track dispatches former, senior ranked officers of the IDF and the Israeli National Police, as well as current and former senior diplomats and policy makers. 

Our legal track dispatches experts in international law and the law of armed conflict to select law and international policy schools overseas. 

Below is a list of our expert speakers.

Featured ranks reflect their positions at the time of their lecture tours.

All of our experts speak to student audiences, elected officials, policy think tanks and select communities during the course of their lecture tours. From campus to Congress, these exceptional presenters are strategically dispatched for briefings commensurate with their area of expertise. Each presenter lends a leading Israeli voice to the global discourse on international policy, security and defense.

OSS Uniform

Brigadier-General Nechemia Sokal
Chief of Staff, Technological & Logistical Branch
Shaul Gordon
Senior Legal Advisor, Israeli National Police
Zvika Haimovich
Commander of the Israel Air Defense Forces
Shachar Shohat
Commander of the Israel Air Defense Forces
Rachel Tevet-Vizel
Gender Advisor to the Chief of Staff
Danny Bren
Head of the C4I (J6) Force Buildup
Micky Rosenfeld
Spokesperson for the Israeli National Police
Guy Goldstein
Deputy Commander of C.O.G.A.T.
Eli Baron
Deputy Military Advocate General
Dan Goldfus
Commander of Classified Brigade
Colonel Dr.
Tarif Bader
Deputy Surgeon General

OSS Specialist

Noam Tibon (Res.)
Commander of the Northern Formation, 2012-2015
Dan Efrony (Res.)
Military Advocate General of the I.D.F., 2011-2015
Arthur Koll
Deputy Director-General, MFA, 2012-2016
Eitan Dangot (Res.)
Coordinator of Govt. Activities In The Territories, 2009-2014
Amir Avivi (Res.)
Chief Auditor Of The Defense Establishment For The Minister Of Defense, 2014-2016
Benjamin Anthony
Founder & Senior Lecturer, Our Soldiers Speak

OSS Legal

Lt. Col. Dr.
Eran Shamir Borer
Head of Strategic Affairs, IDF
M.A.G. Corps
Nadav Minkovsky
Legal Advisor, Judea & Samaria Region, IDF M.A.G. Corps
Ben Wahlhaus
Head of Section, International Law Dept, IDF M.A.G. Corps
Lt. Colonel
Roni Katzir (Active)
Head Of The Operational Branch, International Law Dept., IDF M.A.G. Corps.

Important Notice: The views expressed by the OSS Specialist track are reflective solely of the views of the individual speaker/presenter. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the IDF, the Israeli National Police, the Government of the State of Israel or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel.